What We Do

DISPLACE is an innovative ‘work place’ of opportunity, designed to empower individuals affected by physical disability to recognise and pursue their entrepreneurial selves for the greater good through the group development of independent social enterprises.

We work closely with our community to build a network of support, using ‘entrepreneurship in collaboration’ as the catalyst to open doors and create ‘real’ employment opportunities for those affected by physical disability, ultimately helping them find social and financial independence.

Led by individuals affected by physical disability, for people affected by physical disability, DISPLACE runs innovative Think Tanks, connecting individuals affected by physical disability with the wider-community through entrepreneurship, using collaboration as the powerhouse behind building a strong community. As an encourager of ideas, our Think Tanks challenge the mind-set of individuals affected by physical disability, empowering them to realise their unlimited potential and encouraging them to pursue their entrepreneurial selves for the greater good and see flexible employment as a way forward.

DISPLACE Think Tanks – filled with entrepreneurial intent – allow like-minded individuals to meet, build supportive relationships and leverage from each other with the ultimate goal of finding social and financial independence, while simultaneously supporting the community for the greater good.

Recognising social interaction is crucial for success in all aspects of life – personal and in business – we work collaboratively to find the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone who enters our door. By becoming involved with DISPLACE, you’ll share aspirations and dreams with like-minded people, but most importantly gain regular access to:

  • Social networking and support
  • Innovative workshops
  • Regular Think Tanks
  • Inspirational presentations and events
  • and ultimately a purpose built facility
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