QLD Champion Barrel Racer Endorses DISPLACE

QLD Champion Barrel Racer Endorses DISPLACE

DISPLACE is excited to announce that Kristy Banks, Queensland Barrel Racing Champion, has proudly accepted a role as an Endorser for DISPLACE. Kristy understands first-hand the challenges of living with a physical disability after a tragic horse racing accident in 2012 left her with a serious spinal injury and wheel chair bound.

DISPLACE is incredibly proud to have Kristy on board who shows unfathomable strength of character. She is living proof that becoming a paraplegic needn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high, follow passions or pursue flexible employment that can adapt to the lifestyle requirements of a person living with physical disability.

With a passion for racing, in less than a year after her accident, Kristy turned her hand from one of Queensland’s most respected female Jockeys to Barrel Racing. She is currently Queensland State Barrel Racing Champion, proving with astounding resilience that disability is no deterrent when following a dream.

Kristy fully supports DISPLACE, and is especially supportive that the organisation supports all those affected by physical disability, including family members such as partners.

“I think DISPLACE is a wonderful platform for those who have had a life changing disability. For me, the unknown of what life will be like as a paraplegic was very scary,” says Kristy.

“Having been so physically active and independent, to confined to a wheelchair was a big shock. DISPLACE will have opportunities at your doorstep from real people living with a disability and succeeding at life. I support this organisation 100%.”

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