Our Endorsors

We are extremely grateful to our DISPLACE endorsers for their encouragement. It’s without doubt that they give us the confidence to go forward with zest.

Endorsers give their seal of approval for what we do and share openly their support for DISPLACE. By sharing ‘why’ they support DISPLACE and endorse the work that we do, they help us achieve our goals more quickly and encourage others to do just the same, whether in through voluntary support or by generous donation. Your support will help us reach our ultimate goal; to build our first purpose-built community place of our own, filled with entrepreneurial intent and fitting resources, and operated by individuals affected by physical disability, for people affected by physical disability.

If you or your organisation would like to endorse DISPLACE and show your support for the work that we do, we warmly invite you to contact us.

Carol Cooke AM

Australian Paralympian 

“In 1998 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it was completely unexpected as with most chronic illnesses and devastating.  I had been in Australia for just over 3 years, building a career and life with my new husband.  But I was lucky or so I thought at the start of this new reality as I didn’t look sick.  But I dealt a lot with MS fatigue, weakness in my hands, tingling in my feet and bladder issues all of which were invisible.  So when I was having trouble at work people couldn’t understand why I could ‘look so good’ but have to leave work early to get home.

In 2001 my introduction to disability began and I was in a wheelchair full time.  Dealing with this and other symptoms along with the non-understanding I eventually had to leave full time employment and have never returned to the workforce

With the introduction of DISPLACE I believe it is something that is well overdue!  What a great initiative by Jon and Vicki.  This not-for-profit will assist so many people living with disabilities whether seen or not.  It will give them back their independence and provide social interaction that can be even more disabling than their actual disability.  If you can get behind DISPLACE to help in any way please do, you never know when you and someone close to you may need their services.”

Kristy Banks

Queensland Barrel Racing Champion

“I think DISPLACE is a wonderful platform for those who have had a life changing disability. For me, the unknown of what life will be like as a paraplegic was very scary.

Having been so physically active and independent, to being confined to a wheelchair was a big shock. I had to complete my own research on what was out there (to keep me in my career) and find out what could still be achieved on my own i.e. walking with leg braces/riding horses, which was not an option I was given in hospital.

DISPLACE will have opportunities at your doorstep from real people living with a disability and succeeding at life. I support this organisation 100%.”

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