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As a not-for-profit organisation, the community plays a central role in our success. Community connection – whether voluntary or financial – reinforces our mission, empowering individuals affected by physical disability to reach their entrepreneurial potential and ultimately gain social and financial independence.

At DISPLACE, we are all about inclusiveness and are calling out for people to come on board and be involved in one of the first projects of its kind in Australia. If you can assist in any way, shape or form, or have any questions, please contact us at

Let’s Build DISPLACE

As a community-based organisation, we are working towards our ultimate goal; building a purpose-built, open and accessible ‘work place’ of our own. A purpose-built community work place, filled with entrepreneurial intent and fitting resources and operated by individuals affected by physical disability, for individuals affected by physical disability.

Set around our belief mantra unlimited potential, DISPLACE is a community of belonging and can do; an accessible purpose-built place where physical barriers are no longer a barricade.

Established to involve individuals affected by physical disability in an entrepreneurial ‘work place’ environment, many who will have found themselves displaced from the workplace due to injury or illness, we encourage you to bring your ‘can do’ mantra with you and get involved in DISPLACE, one of Australia’s most exciting community projects!

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