Through entrepreneurship and community connection, we empower young people affected by physical disability to reach their entrepreneurial potential and ultimately gain social and financial independence.


As an advocate for disability inclusion, the DISPLACE vision is: A world where no person is displaced from the workplace due to their physical challenges.


To ensure no young person affected by physical disability remains DISPLACED; socially isolated, secluded from the workforce or living below the poverty line.

“With entrepreneurial intent, we empower individuals affected by physical disability to realise social and financial independence.”

DISPLACE is a collaborative work place of opportunity for individuals affected by physical disability. Collectively, we work to uncover the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone who enters our door, building a network of independent social enterprises that create employment for individuals affected by physical disability, while also supporting the wider community.

Operated by individuals affected by physical disability, for individuals affected by physical disability, as an innovative not-for-profit community we are an encourager of ideas and a centre for support. Our community focused ‘can do’ mantra is centred around unlimited potential – in collaboration, anything is possible.

With recognition that social interaction is crucial for success in all aspects of life, individuals arrive at DISPLACE for a variety of reasons:

  • a number seeking an inclusive and social environment;
  • some simply wishing to provide support for our work place environment;
  • many keen to utilise their skills after being displaced from the workforce;
  • and plenty with boundless entrepreneurial intent, but not wanting to go it alone.
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